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Processing REMARO Applications is Ongoing!

The call for applications is closed now. We have received 257 applications for REMARO PhD positions. The consortium members have been working hard to prioritize and assess the applications. We are hoping to find fantastic students and colleagues among the 257.

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15 Phd Positions! Apply Now!

REMARO seeks candidates for 15 PhD positions that will work together on more reliable AI for marine robotics (vision, navigation, perception, planning, failure recovery, testing, verification, model-checking, model-driven engineering ...), There are 15 different research projects available with different prerequisites and focus, located in Copenhagen, Oslo, Porto, Bremen, Aachen, and Delft.

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Can we rely on AI-controlled underwater robots?

What happens in the brain of AI-based robots operating under water? Researchers will investigate this question in a new European Horizon 2020 research project. Experts in AI and reliability analysis will cooperate with companies developing underwater robots.

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