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REMARO Fall School Porto 2023

The REMARO Fall School Porto 2023 will dive into an oceanic journey to the future of underwater robotics, focusing in exiting topics such as AI in marine exploration, computer vision, formal verification, digital twins and deep ocean exploration.

General: 26/09–29/09/2023
For REMARO participants: 25/09–29/09/2023

The sessions of the fall school will always be from 9:00–17:00 (except on Friday, where we skip the afternoon and will finish at 12:00).

The lunch will be provided by the fall school for all participants, and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all participants are invited for the social activities that are scheduled for happening after the sessions.


  • Unleashing the Potential of Hybrid Systems and Formal Verification, by Erika Ábrahám (RWTH Aachen University):
  • Navigating the Challenges in Oceanography, by Renato Mendes and Paulo Relvas (LSTS-Atlantic and University of Algarve)
  • Exploring Challenges in Marine Biology , by Catarina Magalhães (CIIMAR UPorto)
  • Delving into Underwater Archaeology Challenges, by Filipe Castro (University of Coimbra)
  • Witnessing Robotics Beneath the Waves, by João Sousa (LSTS-UPorto): AUVs in Action
  • Unveiling Digital Twins for Marine Exploration, by Einar Johnsen (University of Oslo)
  • Visioning the Deep – Computer Vision in Underwater Robotics, by Blair Thornton (University of Southampton)
  • Navigating Arctic Operations with Robotics, by Oscar Pizarro (NTNU)
  • ROV Operations in the Enigmatic Northern Atlantic, by Ger O’Dooly (University of Limerick)
  • Tackling Challenges in Underwater Robotics, by Roberto Petroccia, António Calado and Luís Sarmento

Please register via the following link.
Registration fee: Non-REMARO participants need to pay a registration fee. For these participants, the social activities are also paid. The participants can pay for the specific social activities that they wish to participate in. Please, send a message for the contact email (below) for asking about the fees.

The fall school will take place in the OLD LIBRARY FUND.
Address: Universidade do Porto – Reitoria. Praça Gomes Teixeira, 4099-022 – Porto, Portugal.
Phone: (+351) 220 408 000
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Keep in mind that Porto is a popular tourist destination, and September is still part of the high season. We’d like to offer you a helpful tip: consider booking your hotel as soon as your plans to attend the school are confirmed. This way, you can secure your accommodations and make the most of your visit! 😉

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