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Towards a diverse and gender bias free REMARO PhD recruitment

the REMARO consortium had an online Gender and Bias training on 27 November 2020 by Geraldine Fitzgerald from TU Vienna, Faculty of Informatics and Human Computer Interaction Group.

Awareness of types, manifestations and impacts of bias was raised. Implicit biases were looked upon in more detail and ways of becoming more conscious about one´s own behavioral cues have been reflected on in small groups. Examples of other factors which can result in bias such as peoples accent and voice quality or the state (e.g. hungry, sleepy or well rested) has been covered. Vertical and horizontal diversity dimensions have been collected and the REMARO consortium looked on it´s own homogeneous and diverse traits. The advantage of diversity in groups with regards to creativity, scientific excellences, commitment, and problem solving has been worked out.

After the training, the REMARO consortium reframed its recruitment process moving towards actions to mitigate and minimize bias and setting up a way on holding each other accountable for any perceived bias in a respectful and friendly way.

REMARO is looking forward creating the space for the 15 PhDs in which “when we listen and celebrate what is common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive and better organization” Pat Wadors