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Project Management Team

Andrzej Wąsowski (the coordinator of REMARO), professor of software engineering at IT University of Copenhagen, expert on software quality and reliability. He has experience with formal semantics, concurrency, model checking, model-driven engineering, testing and software architecture. Prof. Wąsowski has worked with quality of robotics software platforms and bug elimination in other open source projects. This interest is shifting towards safety and reliability of robotics software in general. In REMARO, Andrzej will supervise projects in software engineering and formal methods for AI in robotics systems.

Mahsa Varshosaz (the deputy coordinator of REMARO), postdoc in the Computer Science department at IT University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include testing and automatic repair of software systems, verification (in particular model checking) of software systems, and analysis of highly configurable systems. In the past few years, her research has been focused on investigating and developing modelling and model-based testing approaches for highly configurable systems. Her recent line of work involves automatic program repair for software systems, where the goal is to reduce the effort of programmers to fix bugs by suggesting a set of possible fixes which are generated automatically. In REMARO, Mahsa will supervise projects on reliability for AI in robotics systems.

Kathrin Gramsch (the project manager of REMARO), research consultant at IT University of Copenhagen since 2018. She has worked as EU administrative project coordinator since 2008 and has experience both in the Danish and German funding landscapes such as DFF; Innovationsfonden, DFG and BMBF as well as the EU programmes  MSCA actions, ERC and IMI. She was the administrative coordinator for the MSCA-ITN “UNIKE” under FP7 and is also a trainer for intercultural awareness and communication.