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The REMARO ETN is a consortium of recognized submarine AI experts, software reliability experts, and a marine safety certification agency created to educate 15 ESRs able to realize the vision of reliable autonomy for underwater applications.

REMARO attacks one of the most pressing problems of modern computing, the safety of AI, in the well defined context of submarine robotics.

The REMARO research fellows will develop the first ever submarine robotics AI methods with quantified reliability, correctness specifications, models, tests, and analysis & verification methods.

General News

IROS2021 workshop on Reliable AI for Marine Robotics

Our half-day workshop on “Reliable AI for Marine Robotics: Challenges and Opportunities” has been accepted ...

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1 Phd Position! Apply Now!

REMARO seeks candidates for 1 PhD position that will work together with us on reliable ...

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Processing REMARO Applications is Ongoing!

The call for applications is closed now. We have received 257 applications for REMARO PhD ...

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15 Phd Positions! Apply Now!

REMARO seeks candidates for 15 PhD positions that will work together on more reliable AI for marine robotics (vision, navigation, perception, planning, failure recovery, testing, verification, model-checking, model-driven engineering ...), There are 15 different research projects available with different prerequisites and focus, located in Copenhagen, Oslo, Porto, Bremen, Aachen, and Delft.

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