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Industry Follower Group

One of the goals of REMARO consortium is to disseminate and exploit the results and innovations in marine robotics as a part of the project, with interested external observers in industry. We call this the project’s Industry Follower Group (IFG).

This group will follow the REMARO project via regular events and workshops during the project, in which:

  • The project’s progress and results are reported and demonstrated by members of the research team;
  • Feedback and advice on strategy is given by the IFG members;
  • There is a great opportunity to exchange best practices and assessments of the state of the art with a network of professionals in the field, and
  • Possibilities for further collaboration / information exchange are discussed.

Benefit for industry follower group members is access to the most recent updates on the work in the project, including videos, papers and other materials produced during the project, and having an impact direct on the course of the project via feedback and advice. Moreover, having access to a network of professionals in the field.

Webinars and Seminars

REMARO workshop at IROS 2021 (online, Oct 01, 2021):
REMARO Ph.D. fall school & network workshop, Bremen, Germany, 8-13 November 2021:

Underwater Robotics 1 – Online Training, Bremen, Germany, 19 January 2022:
REMARO Summer School, Delft, the Netherlands, 27-28 June 2022,
REMARO Fall School, Aachen, Germany, 5th – 9th September, 2022

Video report from secondments at DFKI, 2 February 2023:
REMARO Summer School, Oslo, Norway, 26-30 June 2023
REMARO Fall School, Porto, Portugal, 25-29 September 2023

Join the Industry Following Group

If you want to join our industry follower group, please contact professor Einar Broch Johnsen.